Werich Villa

Welcome to Werich Villa, building number 501 on Kampa Island, in the heart of historic Prague. Few Prague buildings are enshrouded in such a mysterious history and conceal the fates of so many important personalities who have one thing in common: words.

In the past it was the witness to many visits, celebrations and friendly gatherings and our goal and wish is for life and a uplifting atmosphere to once again return to its walls.

Come and see for yourself how we have done. We believe that the moments spent in the villa will be inspirational for every visitor and that there will always be a reason to come again.

And it is up to each visitor if they are drawn more toward the legacy of the Liberated Theatre and its main actors, the reminder of the unforgettable front pieces that have now come back into fashion, or the quiet, concentrated moments with the verse of the poet Vladimír Holan, or if they would prefer a theatre presentation or an evening of dance or listening to Ježek’s immortal songs.

In the Programmes section you can find the offer of planned events and if any of them captures your interest, you can arrange for tickets in the Reservation section. We look forward to seeing you and we will be glad if you will help us bring this remarkable building back to life again.

upcoming events

  • dramatický kroužek děti werichova vila kampa dramaťák


    Vážení rodičové a milé děti, připravili jsme pro Vás dramaťák ve Werichovce

  • stringArt 2017 werichova vila praha kampa podkrovi

    StringArt 2017

    23/11/2017 od 19:00 - Werichova vila hostí pražský koncert StringArt 2017

  • 3 strážníci divadlo werichova vila kampa paraha

    3 strážníci

    21.10.2017 od 20:00 hudebně-dramatická sonda do života geniálního hudebního tvůrce